My visa finally came, and I leave Thursday for Zhengzhou, China 1

Three months in the making, my work visa is here!

It’s finally here!

Since the July 4 holiday, I had been building up the necessary documentation to apply for a Chinese work (Z) visa. Along the way, as I wrote earlier, I made a couple of mistakes, one of which slowed down the process about a week. But most of the delay was at the hands of government offices — particularly the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC — as they processed those documents.

Anyway, that’s all in the past now. I have booked my tickets for Zhengzhou, Henan, China, and leave Thursday. I’ll arrive Saturday and I assume begin teaching classes on Monday. It’s a rerun of my first arriving in Jishou in 2008, when I arrived early on a Sunday and started teaching the very next day.

Zhengzhou is the provincial capital of Henan, population 9.2 million — *quite* a bit larger than Jishou. It has its own airport, so transport in and out will be much easier. Judging from this Google map capture (see below), my new university — Henan University of Technology 河南工业大学 — is some distance from central Zhengzhou.

Henan University of Technology is northwest of central Zhengzhou (Google map capture)

HUT was founded in 1956, about two years before Jishou University was. My students will not be English majors, as I guess I’ve mentioned. They are taking English classes with foreign teachers to improve their chances on the College English Tests (CETs), which every college student in China must pass. Should be interesting teaching them.

You can expect photos and even more stories of teaching abroad in the coming weeks.

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