Some street scenes of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Most of my photos of Hanoi were taken while I was walking from my Airbnb to get lunch or go shopping, because I really only visited two tourist sites while I was there. I hope you can get a feel for the Old Quarter of Hanoi from these shots.

Nguyen Quang Bich, Hoan Kiem – Tranquil Books & Coffee is on this street

Shopping street

Traffic policeman

Street vendor. She had a recording advertising her wares.

Tourists in pedicabs, Hang Voi

Bus and deliveryman

Shopping street, Hoan Voi

Dien Bien Phu Street, taken with my cellphone

Art students, Hoan Kiem lake

All photos (with one exception noted above) taken with a Nikon D3300 with Nikkor 18-55 mm kit lens. For this trip, I traveled light, and only brought one additional lens, a manual 50 mm prime, which I did not use for any of these shots.

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