Donations for Joan Xie Qiong urgently needed

Joan Xie Qiong and her teacher last month

I have already reported about my friend’s leukemia diagnosis and treatment here. Her chemo has progressed well, but now there are signs cancer has spread to her bones. Meanwhile, a bone marrow donor has been found and the transplant could happen as soon as Monday, if funds are available.

Joan’s friends and colleagues have organized a crowdfunding campaign here in China, which has raised 250,000 RMB ($36,000) toward a 1 million RMB ($144,000) goal. Since Joan and her mom do not have medical insurance, the hospital in Guangzhou will not proceed with the operation until they can show they have enough to pay for it.

If you can donate, we have arranged to use the PayPal account of Joan’s best friend, Ivy Zhang XinJun (张鑫君). Ivy was Joan’s classmate and roomie in college, and I taught both of them. I can vouch for Ivy’s honesty. She will transfer the money to Joan’s bank account.

Ivy Zhang (张鑫君) PayPal:

If you would prefer to send donations to my PayPal, I can also relay the money to Joan’s account.

John Wheaton PayPal:

You can also use the cryptocurrencies listed below.

Donate with cryptocurrencies

The USD-CNY exchange rate is very favorable now, almost US$1 to 7 RMB (CNY). So a small donation from the USA can go a long way.

I am very worried about my young friend Joan, who is simply a wonderful human being in all senses of the word. Any donation is welcome. Thank you all!

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