My tweet-sourced dossier on Chuck C. Johnson 5

UPDATE October 4, 2018: A few weeks ago, Chuck closed down his websites, and, and his vanity site,, for obscure reasons. The last site contained an archive of all his tweets over several years on Twitter. With the vanity site now gone from public view, those archives are now offline. Enterprising readers can find them at the Wayback Machine at, though. The tweets cited here are exactly as they appeared when Chuck tweeted them.

There have been some interesting developments in the saga of Chuck C. Johnson recently, which may mean this page will not be updated so frequently.

Twitter has banished Johnson, probably forever, after he violated Twitter’s terms of service not once, but three times within two days, by establishing two consecutive sockpuppet accounts to continue the same threatening activity that got his original Twitter account banned.

In addition, Twitter pulled the plug on the Twitter feed from his blog, GotNewsDotCom.

Johnson now uses Facebook to connect with his much smaller audience.

Details are at our sister site,, and at Little Green Footballs.

Because of a DMCA request, I have removed two photographs of Chuck C. Johnson from this page.

You may be asking, who is Charles C. “Chuck” Johnson? One of the Internet’s more prolific political bloggers and Twitter (ab)users, @ChuckCJohnson has carved out a niche in the right-wing universe as the originator and publicist for a wide variety of conservative memes, half-truths and bald-faced lies.

He also boasts about his many superlative accomplishments in his Twitter feed. Herewith is a list, by no means exhaustive, of Johnson’s self-referencing tweets.

[By the way, this Charles C. “Chuck” Johnson is NOT the Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) of Little Green Footballs fame. Chuck Johnson fancies himself a journalist and his website (not be confused with the start of a vast media empire.

And, believe it or not, Charles C. Johnson has favorited one of my tweets calling attention to this list.]

NOTE: On Nov. 26, 2014, Chuck C. Johnson’s Twitter account was suspended. A day later, he was back. He’s the ginger bread man.

He’s an award-winning journalist — when he was in college.

He’s not a blogger, although he has a blog.

He’s been to Indonesia.

In fact, he’s traveled to more countries than other people (although he has no idea what countries they have traveled to.)

He has bribed customs (?) officials in many countries.

He’s been building rockets since he was 6.

He is 26, and will soon join Club 27. Not to be confused with The 27 Club.

He likes to threaten to sue people. There’s even a counter for it online.

He also calls the cops on people who don’t like his tweets, whom he calls “stalkers.”

Yet, he tweets photos of himself in front of other people’s homes.

The lesser Charles Johnson likes encouraging his followers to stalk me but when I take a funny picture outside his house he loses it.

— Charles C. Johnson (@ChuckCJohnson) October 30, 2014

It was the wrong house. It was too inconvenient to drive to the right house.

Remember, he’s an award-winning journalist.

He’s called me a stalker.

Then, there was the time he got invited to a GOP fundraiser and went to the wrong one. He and his wife had a nice chat with the Capitol Police. Hilarity ensued.

He is on the Capitol Police watch list.

They did not look kindly at Johnson photographing himself in front of a Senator’s private residence.

Standing outside house belonging to Sen. Thad Cochran

Standing outside house belonging to Sen. Thad Cochran

After the shootings in Garland, TX, he crossed police tapes to take lame photos with his cellphone — and bragged about it on Twitter.

NOTE: “Caution tape” is that yellow stuff that says “POLICE LINE — DO NOT CROSS.” Not quite the same thing as “CAUTION — WET FLOOR.”

The look of a professional ... something

The look of a professional … something

He’s published the names, addresses and phone numbers of other (real) journalists, because “there must be a social cost” for their supposedly publishing the home address of Darren Wilson of Ferguson PD.

He wants to crowdsource a “hit list” of professional journalists.

His first “victim” is NBC’s Brian Williams, he claims.

He thinks Democrats are whiners. {Pot ∩ Kettle}

He graduated well from top schools. But not everything was great.

He suggests applicants not tell the truth to college admissions officers.

He had an Asian girlfriend in college.

Their relationship was not well.

He prefers Asian women, maybe because white girls won’t give him the time of day. Also, this.

asian wimmens_crop

BTW, he says there are no rape victims until a rapist is convicted. “Due process matters.”

Apparently, all rape non-victims look alike, since he identified the wrong woman in a photo as the famous UVa “Jackie” from the Rolling Stone exposé, bragging that he found her, he found her!

Also, all rapes are fraudulent, unless a jury finds the accused guilty.

Speaking of women, he thinks they make terrible CEOs.

Not to mention prime ministers!

Not to mention prime ministers!

His Asian wife is “hot.”

She is an Indonesian Christian.

He is fat and dumpy.

He’s 5’10”.

He’s a ginger.

He was poor and nerdy growing up.

He knows virology.

He knows theology.

He knows the Bible.

He is a convert to Catholicism, and he thinks the Pope is “out of touch” — meaning the Pope doesn’t hate Muslims.

He knows epidemiology.

He knows oncology.

He understands Asians (Asianology?).

He “knows” physics.

Colorado geography, however, is not his forte.

He knows all about chokeholds and not breathing.

Also, hacking and counterintelligence. Not too much about digital photography, though.

He has ties to law enforcement, has worked for the FBI, and even has FBI agents calling him with tips.

He has driven a BMW.

He knows people at Sony, and knows North Korea did not hack the company. Get with it, FBI.

His grandma listened to Rush Limbaugh.

He thrills to hear his name on Rush’s show.

He smokes “fine cigars.” Probably not Cubans.

He has smoked cigars with George Zimmerman, the guy who shot Trayvon Martin dead, mostly because Martin was a black kid visiting a white neighborhood. Chuck admires George.

Via Facebook 10/30/2015

Via Facebook 10/30/2015

The Bell Curve changed his life.

His Twitter account links to anti-Semitic accounts, but he likes Jews.

His Twitter account links to white supremacist accounts, but he’s not a white supremacist.

Facebook 11/2/2015

Facebook 11/2/2015

He just thinks whites (and Asians) are smarter than everyone else, because Science!!

He has an IQ of 158, or 154, or above 150. It varies. Fear him.


He speaks multiple languages.

His Irish is better than that of James Joyce, who was, like, born in Dublin, Ireland.

He’s fluent in French, because he was in a special program in Boston. Google it.

He frequently makes typos but never deletes and corrects them.

Yeah, why can't we?

Yeah, why can’t we?

[OK. He fixed that one. Then he implied he meant to mistype the tweet.]

He uses English, and is not a slave to the AP and U of Chicago style guides.

He’s just like Marvel’s Beast, but can’t spell as well.

He is the Greatest — on Twitter, anyway.

He’s the boxing champ of Twitter.

After Twitter’s share price tumbled to a low of about $16 in January 2016, he claimed it was because Twitter kicked him off the service permanently.

Correlation is not causation, junior.

Correlation is not causation, junior.

Now hedge fund wonks want to talk to him.

But he's still begging for money online. Go figger.

But he’s still begging for money online. Go figger.

And the Voldemort of American politics (Oct. 8. 2015, Facebook)


Spoiler alert: Voldemort dies in the end.

He does not know much about pop culture. [From April 29, 2015]

CCJ Jr Ewing

He says he’s autistic.

He’s conservative, but he’s not a conservative. It’s complicated.

But he also says he’s not your typical conservative — he has done “shrooms at Joshua Tree.”

He has done ecstasy, too.

Maybe even coke.

He drinks a bit. Doesn’t dance, AFAIK.

He’s really clever at word play.

NOTE: He likes using the n-word. I’ve redacted it here.

Or supremacy without suprem — or something.

He talks to billionaires — later on … maybe.

He publishes private information online — defending Americans!

He stopped an Ebola outbreak in America single-handedly.

Also, too, he singlehandedly prevented wars with Syria and North Korea.

He says publishing the names & addresses of AIDS patients in the ’80s would have saved lives.

He’s just like Nelson Mandela, but not like Malcolm X.

He’s also called Mandela a terrorist. Make of that what you will.

He says he’s a better shot than Darren Wilson of Ferguson, MO, fame.

He’s not too good with Twitter’s Terms of Service, and doesn’t understand why his account’s been suspended at least three times. It’s the liberals! he says.

Also, his foes are dastardly low-IQ fiends.

He has saved thousands of lives with his tweets.

He ignores grand jury subpoenas, just because.

He said in March 2015 he had filed an appeal with the Missouri supreme court regarding Michael Brown’s juvenile offense records.

He filed it in May 2015.

He likes breaking things. We’re not sure if news is one of them.

In fact, he wants to bring down the entire political establishment.

When he’s elected to Congress, he will propose a bill to ban Muslims from immigrating to the USA.

He believes in “natural slavery” (See Aristotle, Politics, Book 1).

He loves him some Cal Coolidge.

He believes white straight bosses only hire hot chicks, while gay bosses only hire gay workers, black bosses, black workers, etc.

He pays close attention to skin color; he has a ‘brown’ wife; a pretty nurse gives him ‘YellowFever.’

He thinks there are such things as “white radio” and “black radio.”

He’s not a racist, because he has an Asian wife and he even ate spring rolls on Thanksgiving. So there. Nyah nyah nyah.

He’s never met a KKK member, so they must not exist. The monsters under his bed are more real.

His great-uncle went undercover to destroy them. So, he must have been successful.

If he were French, he’d totally vote for rightist Jean-Marie Le Pen and Le Front National. Surprise, surprise.

He believes compassion is a vice, and says Plato said it. (Plato didn’t.)

His grandfather housed a Japanese-American family secretly during WWII.

This may or may not be the same grandfather who he says won the Navy Cross in WWII for taking his ship alongside an exploding destroyer. This grandfather would have been an officer on the Oklahoma but switched rosters, he says.

He gives people hope.

He is going to turn all other journalists into travel agents (or some such nonsense) and change the very essence of journalism.

Once he gets funding from those aforementioned billionaires, his site will put all other “journalists” out of work within five years.

Also, he’s been a superior journalist ever since he was a paperboy.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

He has the brilliant idea to have tipsters pay *him* when they give him tips.

He has the goods to destroy the careers of Hillary Clinton, Tom Pryor, several other unnamed Senators, Congressman, etc. as soon as the timing and financial reward are right.

Just in case, he’s packin’. Be careful.

This may help explain why he’s on the Capitol Police radar. Plus, that whole photo in front of a senator’s house thing (see above).

We'll call it

We’ll call it

His latest plan (see screenshot, above) is to crowd-source a website devoted only to smearing politicians and celebrities, and the staff would divide up the spoils. Sounds like a winner, until you count up the legal fees.

He once suggested crowdfunding $20,000 to get the goods on Hillary Clinton.

Later, he tweeted this, promising a big reveal on Monday, April 13.

The big reveal never happened. Instead, he started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $40,000 to “stop Hillary” for “private eyes,” expensive tests and a video production.

By the end of April October 2015 January 2016, he had raised about $1,100.

PS. He says he has 5,000 researchers, so that’s about 20¢ per.

The big reveal is now scheduled for May 2016, the date of the Democratic National Convention.

Don’t hold your breath.

He says Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick used to be his neighbor, and Patrick only gave out good Halloween candy in election years. Career-wrecking exposé!

He believes reporting the criminal records of the family of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police is in the public interest.

Filmmaker James O'Keefe and friend Hannah Giles, dressed in costume as a pimp and prostitute respectively, pictured at the Washington Monument.

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and friend Hannah Giles, dressed in costume as a pimp and prostitute respectively, pictured at the Washington Monument. Credit:

He says pimps are generally non-white, because he knows five pimps. “I know five. (In a former life, I helped out at a Christian-shelter for abused women.)”

That was true until he met his buddy James O’Keefe III.

OK, you got me. O’Keefe only pretended to be a pimp. He looks really convincing, though, right?

Johnson used to live in West Hollywood, and from that learned that all gay men hate women (except Judy Garland and Liza Minelli, of course).

He says gays are more likely to do drugs and have mental problems.

From his days in West Hollywood, he also knows how gay men hug straight women. (Hatefully, one supposes.)

He seems to be an expert in gay men. And pimps.

President Obama "gay hugs" Dallas nurse Nina Pham

President Obama “gay hugs” Dallas nurse Nina Pham

So, he can tell Obama is gay because of the way O hugged a female nurse. See photo at left.

Totally gay. Yup.

Obama should have given her a French kiss, to prove he’s straight, or something.

Despite living in West Hollywood, for some reason Johnson seems to prefer Fresno.

Are there gays in Fresno?

He lives with his in-laws.

He is from Boston.

He watches Project Runway and finds some designers have taste issues.

He has vetted all potential 2016 candidates and determined that Ted Cruz is the only acceptable one.

But he does kinda like Donald Trump, because The Donald hates Mexicans.

He wasn’t registered to vote till he decided Ted was The One.

There can be only one.

Jeb Bush is not The One, therefore he will publish the name of Jeb’s alleged mistress — sometime.

He will pay $300 to anyone who has more dirt on Jeb.

Mike Huckabee is too compassionate toward criminals and likes the Common Core, so forget him.

Also, Huckabee is diabetic, and Johnson doesn’t trust diabetics.

And Rand Paul’s PAC sourced their Stand with Rand T-shirts from Haiti and Guatemala, while Canadian-born Cruz is the tops!

He thinks he’d be the best choice to moderate the 2016 GOP debates.

He needs to stay out of Harlem, for his own safety.

Also NYC taxis. He said a NY cabbie beat him up and robbed him that one time, so now he only uses Uber.

(He’s hoping Uber will give him a job, a real one.)

In fact, he should just avoid NYC in general and stay in Fresno.

He hates hotels. So, he asks for couches to sleep on.

He hates Islam (in multiple languages). So, stay away from Muslim countries, like Indonesia.

Whatta guy!

Whatta guy!

But he had dinner and drinks with a Muslim doctor once, so Muslims are OK, I guess.

He believes the PC world is emasculating and castrating, unlike computer games. Or Fresno.

He is a media privateer. [Privateers were pirates authorized by governments to attack foreign vessels.]

When he’s not privateering, he’s swashbuckling. Arrh!

He’s Scandinavian and therefore well hung. Or something.

He says his Viking ancestors had slaves, Irish slaves, but he refuses to pay reparations on St. Paddy’s Day.

It’s worth noting that the Vikings eventually gave up all that violent shit, settled down and became traders and townspeople. See also, Normans.

Some of his ancestors were burned at the stake. Can’t imagine why.

Raping and pillaging are fun! Especially in Washington, DC. Someone, please notify the Capitol Police.

Later, Vikings discovered trade was more lucrative

Later, Vikings discovered trade was more lucrative

Finally, these closing words from the Oracle of Truth himself.

And this one from Nov. 2, 2015.

Cue the dramatic background music

Cue the dramatic background music

Sheer poetry.

For further examination of the Johnson, take a gander at this piece over at Wonkette.

There are more juicy tidbits at The Concourse, where mention is made of a college floor-shitting incident.

Which is also referred to in this Gawker piece.

Bob Cesca at The Daily Banter has also examined Chuck Johnson’s peculiar style of “journalism” in print and in a podcast.

And for a detailed review of the lawsuits Johnson has threatened to file, but never did, see Adam Steinbaugh’s blog. NOTE: Johnson did in fact file a libel suit against in June. In St. Louis, Missouri. Disposition of this case is pending. Updated January 16, 2016: The case was dismissed from federal court without prejudice, for lack of personal jurisdiction.

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  1. Reply eljefe Nov 1,2014 10:09 am

    The subject of this page noticed it, finally. He’s doesn’t get it.

  2. Reply eljefe Nov 1,2014 12:12 pm

    Here is the full exchange.

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson 31/Oct/2014 09:29:25 PM UTC
    This is a great example of how obsessed & wrong my critics are. I love it!…
    Reply RT Favorite

    lawhawk @lawhawk 31/Oct/2014 10:40:08 PM UTC
    Facts? .@ChuckCJohnson don’t need no stinkin’ facts. You’re nothing but a BS artist, smear merchant, and liar. That’s incontrovertible fact

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 02:28:42 AM UTC
    @ChuckCJohnson I think you missed the point, ace.

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson 01/Nov/2014 02:30:28 AM UTC
    @liguy743 Really? What was the point?

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 02:36:45 AM UTC
    .@ChuckCJohnson To highlight your self-obsession and egoism.Journalists don’t make themselves part of the story.

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson 01/Nov/2014 02:38:49 AM UTC
    @liguy743 really? Tell that to Woodward & Bernstein. Or Julian Assange or Greenwald. Nothing I’ve said is untrue. And people have asked me.

    Charles Johnson @Green_Footballs 01/Nov/2014 02:43:45 AM UTC
    Actually, an amazing amount of the stuff you’ve written has been untrue. @ChuckCJohnson @liguy743

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 02:45:21 AM UTC
    .@ChuckCJohnson W&B did not write about themselves *while* covering Watergate. Assange & GG also don’t brag about their IQ, awards, etc.

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson 01/Nov/2014 02:47:14 AM UTC
    @liguy743 I brought up my awards when people said I was a blogger. I’m not. I’m an award winning journalist. I was asked my IQ & answered.

    CindyCandyCorn @cindynorth1 01/Nov/2014 02:49:13 AM UTC
    @ChuckCJohnson You’re a lying blogger who will soon be in jail.

    Mark R. Yzaguirre @markyzaguirre 01/Nov/2014 02:50:32 AM UTC
    @ChuckCJohnson @liguy743 @Green_Footballs Chucky has awards. And an IQ. Attention must be paid!

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 02:50:33 AM UTC
    .@ChuckCJohnson Surprisingly, neither qualifies you to report false news and expose ppl’s private info. In fact, the opposite shld be true

    Fred Mertz – Thug @S3nt13ntB31ng 01/Nov/2014 02:52:15 AM UTC
    @chuckcjohnson @liguy743 LAUGHABLE that you’d compare yourself to actual journalists. Assange? Yeah. Greenald? Mostt definitely. Two pukes

    Gory B Bellows @RoryBBellows1 01/Nov/2014 02:54:39 AM UTC
    @ChuckCJohnson @liguy743 he also lost the Kentucky derby by that much

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 02:56:02 AM UTC
    @RoryBBellows1 @ChuckCJohnson Skinny horse. No wonder.

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson 01/Nov/2014 03:00:39 AM UTC
    @liguy743 Yeah, I haven’t done either thing. Good day.

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 03:04:19 AM UTC
    .@ChuckCJohnson What!? You pubbed ppl’s home addys and pix, reported stuff later proved false, & never admitted error. Unprofessional

    Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson 01/Nov/2014 03:04:56 AM UTC
    @liguy743 Nope.

    Robert Rose @robrose68 01/Nov/2014 03:09:07 AM UTC
    @ChuckCJohnson @liguy743 Right here is a link to your blog where you state that you posted her address:…

    wheat-dogg @liguy743 01/Nov/2014 03:09:16 AM UTC
    .@ChuckCJohnson Nope to what? Nope, unprof’l, or nope, pubbing BS?

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  3. Reply steppedonapoptop Nov 3,2014 2:14 am

    Brilliant! That double-chinned Chuckles believes he is an award-winning journalist proves that he is lying about his IQ. My dog has an award given by his groomer for being “Best Dog of the Day”, meaning he was the best out of 6 whining, barking dogs. This inadequately illustrates both Chuckles’ award and IQ, although I think Linus’ award has more prestige.

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