Best answer for your alternative science/medicine believing friends

xkcd nails the argument against alt-med and alt-science nonsense. If it all really worked, somebody would be using it for practical purposes. Click on the image to see the original, so you can read the mouse-over comment there.

A sad, curious tale of rampant duplicity and stupidity 36

[UPDATE: Since I wrote this post, Jon Tevlin of the Minneapolis Star Tribune has also taken a critical look at the dubious “Native American” connections of Nemenhah. He is not convinced either.] JISHOU, HUNAN — The degree to which frauds can dupe the unsuspecting and to which otherwise intelligent people can believe utter nonsense never ceases to amaze me. Take the sad case of Daniel Hauser, 13, who has Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He and his parents refused chemotherapy after his first treatment, saying it is contrary to their religious beliefs. Their refusal led the Brown County (Minn.) Attorney’s office to file a child endangerment complaint against the parents. The case is now in court. The Hausers are “traditional catholics,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but the crux of their defense is their membership in the Nemenhah. Their attorneys insist that the Nemenhah’s religious beliefs are protected by federal Indian Affairs law, so the Hausers can do whatever they bloody well please. The Star Trib and other media sources identify the Nemenhah as “an American Indian religious organization.” Well, it ain’t. The Hausers are probably very nice people, and perhaps they would prefer not to see their young son suffer through ...
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