Got my first payments today!

Got my first payments today!
JISHOU, HUNAN — Last week, I announced I had signed up with the new social media platform, Steemit. Today, seven days later, I got my first payments for the posts I made: about $30. This is really quite remarkable, because after several years of maintaining this blog, I have barely made $50 from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. I have deliberately avoiding loading the blog with ads, because I find ad-heavy websites really annoying, especially as some advertisers use some very aggressive tricks to hijack readers’ attention away from your content. Steemit has given “liking” a post — “upvoting” in Steemit terms — a monetary reward. The minimum reward is 1 cent, but upvotes from longtime users of the platform have more weight, and pay higher rewards. Rewards are paid out every seven days. Here are my very first payments. The Steemit economy is a bit arcane. There are two kinds of rewards: Steem Power and Steem Dollars. The first gives your upvotes and reposts (resteems) weight; more Steem Power translates into more influence and into payment for curating others’ posts. The second is a kind of cryptocurrency, which can be saved in your wallet or traded for other currencies ...

I am now on Steemit!

I am now on Steemit!
JISHOU, HUNAN — In my ever continuing pursuit to leave no blogstone unturned on the Intertubes, I have just signed up with, the hot new blogging platform. Steemit is unique in that it rides on top of a blockchain and allows bloggers to earn money (Steem Power and Steem Dollars) based on that blockchain. Steem tokens can be exchanged for US dollars, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or left to accumulate on Steemit to earn interest or to loan out. A blockchain is a distributed ledger — pioneered by Bitcoin — upon which developers can build a variety of online services. As I am still learning the ropes there, I’m going to let this video below do the explaining of how it all works. My username at is @wheatdogg (naturally). For now, I will probably cross-post my WordPress blogs there, but some content I write for each venue will be specific to that venue. In other words, you’ll have to follow me at both places. The video:

Website updates took almost a whole day

Website updates took almost a whole day
JISHOU, HUNAN — What started out to be a few simple housekeeping chores turned into an all-day affair. I’d forgotten how time-consuming website maintenance can be. With a day off from classes, I wanted to clean up two things on the site that have been bothering me for months. Clean up the header, to put the site title and logo over the banner image, to recover some lost space. Refine/reinstall the PayPal and Bitcoin donation buttons. I tackled #2 first, because I naively assumed it would take less time than #1. Nope. Taking care of the PayPal donations button was not especially time-consuming, aside from dealing with PayPal’s hidden user profile page, which contains the merchant ID. I no longer have a merchant account, but the ID is still valid. Using it allows me to keep my personal email address out of reach of spammers when I use the PayPal donation button. You’d assume that PayPal would place the ID in plain sight, like on your profile page. I had to go to a usergroup discussion to find the link to it. PayPal still has the information; it’s just not included in the newly designed profile page. There will now ...

Ten years! How did that happen?

GEORGE TOWN, PENANG, MALAYSIA — I’ve been blogging here for ten years! I just realized it today, while talking to a fellow blogger who is staying at the same airbnb location as I. My first post was Jan. 18, 2006. And here it is, Feb. 3, 2016! I missed the anniversary. Better late than never. That is all. Have a good one!

Another term put to bed

JISHOU, HUNAN — Another term is past. I put in three intensive days to plow through marking my Listening Comprehension exams, and turned in my grade on Tuesday. I am a free man! This term was relatively easy. I have four sections each of Oral English and Listening Comprehension, totaling about 160 students. I designed the listening exams to be quick to mark, so plowing through them while I watched TV or listened to music wasn’t so bad. Likewise, the spoken English final assessments were already done by the time I gave the listening exams; all I needed to do was calculate their grades in Excel. So, what now? I have nearly eight weeks of vacation stretching out in front of me. For now, I’m just going to take it easy at home, as I still have some tutorials to meet. Then I’ll go travel somewhere. Haven’t made up my mind where yet. Meanwhile, I’ve been tweaking things here at Wheat-dogg’s World, and republishing the blogs I wrote about coming to China and being in China, as The China Chronicles. They’re indexed in the Pages section your right. Each chapter covers a year. I had hoped to find a WordPress ...

Just in case you want to tip me

Just in case you want to tip me
JISHOU, HUNAN — At the bottom of each post, just above the AddThis sharing bar, is a tiny Coinbase tip button. Click it to send me a Bitcoin tip. Also, I can also accept tips on my Twitter feed with @Tippercoin, or you can scan this QR code with your smartphone wallet to send Bitcoin to me. The other ways to donate to Wheat-dogg’s World are still in place, by way of PayPal, Bitcoin or Litecoin. Follow the link or take a gander in the right-hand column. And, if you shop on Amazon through this website, I get a little money, too. The Google ads have netted me $15 so far this year. Personally, I hate websites that run obtrusive ads that foul up pageload times and layouts, so I’ve deliberately avoided using any other click-through campaigns other than Google Ads. No “one weird trick” ads here. I promise. All donations will be cheerfully accepted. Thanks!

And in other news

I’ve contributed a few pieces to a new website called If You Only News, on the invitation of a former student working there. This one is about the Gilbert, AZ, school board who cut out pages referring to contraception from a honors biology textbook. If you go here and read it, my page hits go up and so does my pay. Thanks very much. The rest of the site is not bad, either.

And we’re back!

What we did: Ceased active use of the domain Made the active primary domain. Moved the WordPress blog Wheat-dogg’s World from a subdomain under into the primary domain. If everything is working correctly, you won’t notice a thing, other than your browser no longer displaying as the URL for this site.

Maintenance downtime

We’re doing some housekeeping here at Wheat-dogg’s World, including resetting some DNS records. So, the site may be down for a short while. Please stand by. We’ll be back soon.

In which Chuck C. Johnson discovers my “tweet-sourced dossier” on him

JISHOU, HUNAN — Some explanation is needed here, if you’re to understand the following exchange. Charles C. “Chuck” Johnson is a self-described “award-winning journalist,” who has been burning up Twitter and his own “news” website ( recently with ebola hysteria. He has published the home addresses of American ebola victims — and their relatives — and waged a one-man smear campaign against nurses Nina Pham and Kaci Hickox. Over at Little Green Footballs, which is run by another Charles Johnson (absolutely no relation!), Chuck C. Johnson is alternately a subject of horror and ridicule. Since CCJ’s self-referential tweets are so amusing, I took it upon myself to use them to compile a “tweet-sourced dossier” on the prolific blogger. You can view it by clicking the preceding link, or finding in my Pages index at right. Anyway, Chuck found the dossier and tweeted about it yesterday. I’ve captured the exchange using Storify. [View the story “Obsessed and wrong? You be the judge.” on ] At this point, the conversation ended. [NOTE: It’s quite long. If you just see a handful of tweets, you’ll need to visit the Storify link.

A new writing gig

JISHOU, HUNAN — A feller approached me the other day about writing for his blog, Better Off Bitcoin. Unpaid, but it’s exposure, so I took Justin Hawley up on the offer. So far, I’ve written only two blogs there. One is cribbed from a post I wrote here, Moving Money the Modern Way, and another I just penned today, Why I Bitcoin. I got more than 330 hits on the first one, not bad for my first run. One reader noticed that I’ve been posting pages at Little Green Footballs. I started that a few months ago, whenever I caught something interesting I wanted to share there. It’s not exactly blogging — more like clipping and commenting — but I find some items don’t suit this blog very well. LGF gives me another venue to share my thoughts. I’ve written diairies at The Daily Kos in the past, but so much this past year. It seems I can only keep up with one political blog at a time, and Daily Kos has too much stuff going on for me to keep up with. Maybe I’ll write there again soon, if the muse visits me. The feeds from here to Twitter ...

Eight years and 1,000 posts!

JISHOU, HUNAN — Two milestones for Wheat-dogg’s World at almost the same time! I started this blog Jan. 18, 2006. As usual, I failed to remember this date until just now — a week after the anniversary date. In like fashion, I failed to notice that my rant about stories headlined “x things about y that something something z” was my 1,000th post. There’s more to come. Please stand by.
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