Another heart-warming tale from the Bible Belt 2

JISHOU, HUNAN — So, it goes like this. A high school football coach loaded 20 of his players on a school bus, and took them to his church, where several of them were baptized while the school superintendent watched. There were just two little problems with this trip. One, not all the kid’s parents signed off on this trip. Two, the kids go to a public school, so the coach and his superintendent more than likely violated federal law (like the Constitution). Except they don’t see it that way, because the trip was “voluntary.” Predictably, the high school is smack dab in the Bible Belt, in western Kentucky. Here’s a little cultural background about western Kentucky, which Coach Scott Mooney and Superintendent Janet Meeks should have already known. Back in Kentucky’s early years, there were two main religious groups, the Baptists and the Catholics. When I lived in western Kentucky, my friends told me about the stories they heard about the “other” people, how Baptists almost drowned their young or Catholics go drunk during services. Suffice it say, the two groups did not exactly trust each other, for a long time. So, for Mooney and Meeks to so blithely whisk ...

‘Honest, it was just a coincidence’

The family that blew the whistle on a California cheerleading coach’s nude modeling denied on TV yesterday they were trying to seek revenge. The coach, Carlie Beck aka Carlie Christine, was a “cyber-girl of the week” in early February. As cheerleading coach of Casa Roble Fundamental High School outside Sacramento, Beck cut several girls from the squad for excessive unexcused absences, per school policy. One of the cuts, Adelle Geniella, 14, and her parents found Beck’s cyber-girl photos on the Web and submitted them to school officials. Beck then lost her coaching job. Adella and her parents deny that they were trying to get back at Beck. Instead, they insist Beck was a poor role model — cheerleaders cannot post nude photos on the Web, for example — and should have been fired. They failed to note that high school cheerleaders are underage, and Beck is not, of course. Whatever. Here’s the link to the report.
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