Keith Olbermann rakes Trump over coals for not accepting possible Clinton win

Keith Olbermann rakes Trump over coals for not accepting possible Clinton win
JISHOU, HUNAN — Keith Olbermann has justly raked Donald Trump (R-Blowhard) over the coals for his coy suggestion that “we are going to have to see” whether to acknowledge Hillary Clinton as the winner of the election Nov. 8. During last week’s debate, moderator Lester Holt had asked the bombastic Trump if he would support Clinton if she won the election. Trump said yes, but a few days later told The New York Times, “We’re going to have to see. We’re going to see what happens. We’re going to have to see.” Trump has also told supporters at his campaign rallies to watch for voter fraud at the polls, leading others to worry about Trump supporters interfering with the voting process, or about possible violence after the results are in. Responding to these remarks on his GQ webcast, The Closer, Olbermann in a fiery broadside salvo accused Trump of single-handedly overturning the entire American electoral process and demeaning the previous 57 presidential elections by suggesting he would not accept the outcome as binding. “Get out of the election,” Olbermann said. “Get out of this country!” Citing close and pivotal elections from 1864 to 1960, Olbermann noted that no candidate in ...

Presidential election results: The South tried to rise again

Presidential election results: The South tried to rise again
JISHOU, HUNAN — Charles Johnson posted this graphic in a comment yesterday at Little Green Footballs. It’s thought-provoking, from a number of angles. We can argue about correlation and causation here. Either way, I’m not very surprised at the results.

Things I’ve learned from the debates so far

Mitt Romney sure can spin a yarn. Trouble is, it changes with every retelling. He thinks President Obama is a little boy who lies, like Romney’s sons. (Huh?) In debate #1, Obama was confusticated by the yarn spinning. In debate #2, he was not taking any more of that shit. (Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.) Romney thinks Big Bird ought to get a real job, and not live off the public dole. It’s probably the same opinion he has of Obama. Romney has a “binder full of women.” Cool. Is that what CEOs call a “little black book” now? Yes, Obama did in fact say the Benghazi attack was “an act of terror.” Moving on now. Vice-president Joe Biden likes to cut big talkers like Paul Ryan down to size. Speaking of Ryan, wearing your ball cap backwards while lifting weights does not make you “hot.” Washing already clean dishes does not make you “one of the common people.” You just end up looking like a dork.

Another conservative jumps on “only property-owners should vote” bandwagon

JISHOU, HUNAN — Just days after Matthew Vadum of American Thinker proposed the dubious analogy that letting the poor vote was like giving crooks burglary tools, another brilliant mind pops up with similar cutting edge 18th century political ideas. This time the mind in question belongs to John David Dyche, a Republican lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. He wrote an opinion piece for the Courier-Journal entitled “Property rights crucial to voting rights.” He begins with another dubious analogy — doctors this time, not second-story men. Some bemoan Kentucky’s 10 percent voter turnout in recent primaries. But quantity hardly assures quality in making important choices. If you had a serious disease would you open your treatment to everyone or confine it to a few specialists? A free society’s biggest decision is how it shall be governed. The Founders therefore placed prudent limits on participation in it. After offhandedly suggesting that it was probably a good idea to let blacks and women vote, Dyche then takes us to the good old days when only the landed gentry could participate in politics or governance. You know, the situation that encouraged some demented landed gentry types to create an entirely new nation sometime around 1776. ...

Good luck, Kentucky!

[Rescued from hacker oblivion, thanks to Facebook Notes.] JISHOU, HUNAN — We’ll see how that Rand-y Paul-y thing is working out for ya. At least, 56% for Rand Paul and 44% for Jack Conway is not the overwhelming landslide Paul had been hoping for, but it does put him in the Senate. Keep on eye on him, to see which way he votes. Will Mr Tea Party abandon his populist, libertarian platform and play with the big boys like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), or will he stick to his guns and be the maverick-y kind of guy he said he was during his campaign? On the bright side, some other Tea Party candidates, like Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, failed in their election bids by closer margins than the Paul-Conway split. This tells me there are lot of other crazy people in Nevada and Delaware beside Angle and O’Donnell, but at least they haven’t taken over yet. Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) kept his seat. No big surprise. And big spender Margaret Whitman failed (54% for former Gov. Jerry Brown to her 41% ) to buy her way into win the governorship of California. So it’s a ...

I voted. Will you? 2

[Post rescued from hacker oblivion, thanks to Facebook Notes.] JISHOU, HUNAN — Yeah, I’m several thousand miles away from my polling place in Floyd County, Indiana, but I still voted. So, you’d better not have lame excuse about not being to get your butt out to vote. Just sayin’. I’ve been watching the political polls closely for the races in Indiana and Kentucky (and California, for entirely different reasons), and I’m worried. Let’s say you’re dissatisfied with the Obama administration. I know I am, and I voted for the guy. But look it at this, most of Obama’s problems in getting the things done that he promised to get done have originated in the Party of No — the Republicans. It makes no difference what Obama proposes, the GOP will just say no. Bipartisanship has been officially dead in Washington for so long I’ve forgotten when Democrats and Republicans actually worked together on something to benefit the entire nation, and not just their own party’s chances of re-election. So, you’re disappointed with Obama. Voting for a Republican will only make Obama’s job even harder, since none of the Repubs running for office have even remotely suggested they will work with ...

With an election fast approaching, food for thought …

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