Expelled‘s statistics sink further

The anti-evolution movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowedis now showing in only 656 theaters, down from the 1,041 it had the previous weekend. Monday’s gross receipts dropped below 100K, to $67,000. The flick has a total of $6.7 million in gross box office receipts, which still puts in the top 20 for recently released movies. Its future in first-run theaters is murky at best, however.

Legal issues are only half Expelled‘s problems

Its other major problem is financial. The anti-evolution film is bleeding red ink. Theaters carrying Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed have dropped from 1,041 to 656, and its recent weekend gross receipts dropped more than half from the weekend before. Ouch. Despite its woes, the Intelligent Design propaganda flick has made more than $6.6 million in its first three weeks in the theaters, not bad considering it’s (1) a documentary competing with Hollywood blockbusters like Iron Man and (2) a dog. The temporary restraining order issued April 30 against the film’s producers and distributors prevents them from (immediately) trying to recoup some losses by issuing the movie on DVD or by showing it at second-run theaters.

Court restrains further distribution of Expelled, per Yoko Ono suit 4

A federal judge in Manhattan has told the makers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed that they cannot distribute the film any further, until a copyright infringement complaint is heard in court later this month. The temporary restraining order issued April 30 does not affect existing screenings of the anti-evolution film, which uses a segment of John Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” as an example of “Darwinist” philosophy. Lennon’s heirs filed suit April 24 in US District Court in Manhattan against the producers and distributors of the film, alleging copyright and trademark infringement and requesting monetary damages and an injunction against any showing of the film in its present form. Expelled is showing in 656 theaters nationally, and has gross box office receipts topping $6 million. The parties involved in the suit have until May 6 (Wednesday) to produce documents supporting their cases. Premise Media and its co-defendants have until May 14 to argue against the injunction. The plaintiffs, Yoko Ono Lennon, John Lennon’s sons and his publisher, EMI Blackwood, have until May 16 to rebut. Final arguments are due May 19. Justice is swift, for some of us anyway. Here is the text of the judge’s order: ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE Upon ...

Expelled still hanging in there

Total gross receipts for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed are inching toward $6 million after nearly two weeks in the theaters, but this weekend’s take will probably be less than last weekend’s. From Box Office Mojo, here’s the daily totals up to Thursday: Friday, 4/18 $1,208,748 Saturday, 4/19 $996,244 Sunday, 4/20 $765,856 Monday. 4/21 $238,804 Tuesday, 4/22 $227,232 Wednesday, 4/23 $234,596 Thursday, 4/24 $231,440 Friday, 4/25 $452,000-estimated Saturday, 4/26 $529,000-estimated Sunday, 4/27 $414,000-estimated Monday, 4/28 $157,191 Tuesday, 4/29 $162,396 Wednesday, 4/30 $159,273 Thursday, 5/1 $158,232 The anti-evolution flick is back in the top 10 movies in gross receipts. There’s no accounting for taste …

Stanford law group to represent Expelled‘s producers

The producers and distributors of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed have found an unlikely ally in the Stanford Law School’s Fair Use Project, which has agreed to represent them in their legal battle with the heirs of former Beatle John Lennon. Last week, Yoko Ono Lennon, Sean and Julian Lennon and EMI Blackwood Publishing filed a $75,000 copyright and infringement lawsuit against Premise Media and its associated companies, alleging that the makers of Expelled used a fragment of Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” without their permission. The suit also alleges that the association of the song with the anti-evolution polemic damages the reputation of Lennon, his “trademark,” and his heirs. Premise Media representatives assert their use of the song and its lyrics fell within the “fair use doctrine” of US copyright law, and that they did not need to obtain permission to use “Imagine” in the movie. The filmmakers did obtain permission from other music used in the movie, however. “The right to quote from copyrighted works in order to criticize them and discuss the views they may represent lies at the heart of the fair use doctrine,” said Anthony Falzone, executive director of the Fair Use Project. “These rights are under attack ...

ADL shoots down Expelled‘s Holocaust connection 1

The attempts of the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed to blame the Holocaust on the Darwin and his theory of evolution “is outrageous and trivializes the complex factors that led to the mass extermination of European Jewry,” the Anti-Defamation League said yesterday. In a press release, the civil right organization accuses the makers of the anti-evolution film of misappropriating the Holocaust and its imagery to support its attempts to discredit evolution, Darwin and biologists that accept the theory. The movie, which was released April 18, claims that Adolf Hitler used Darwinism as an excuse to murder millions of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals during the Nazi regime. Images of Nazi Germany and the concentration camps appear in the film. The ADL’s press release says, however, “Darwin and evolutionary theory cannot explain Hitler’s genocidal madness.” Anti-semitism was prevalent in Germany and in Europe generally for centuries before Darwin’s The Origin of Species was published in 1859. Meanwhile, the “star” of the movie, Ben Stein, who is himself a Jew, had the chutzpah in a recent interview on the Christian Trinity Broadcasting Network to accuse scientists of leading victims of the Holocaust to the gas chambers. Here are some excerpts, courtesy of someone ...

Expelled: The Untold Story

Academics that teach theories contradicting evolution are harassed, lose their jobs and reputations or are refused tenure, according to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It offers four examples of the so-called Darwinist conspiracy to silence “anti-evolutionists.” All of which are pitiful examples, since none of them lost their jobs because of their Intelligent Design beliefs. There were other reasons they lost their jobs. For perhaps obvious reasons, the movie fails to discuss the number of academics subjected to harassment by the creationist/Intelligent Design “hegemony” — y’know, the “good guys.” Blogger Blake Stacey has found at least 12 examples of creationists interfering with the careers of science instructors. You need to read his post in case any Expelled fans rail at you about the Darwinist conspiracy.

Eleven theaters drop Expelled

Two sites now report Expelled:No Intelligence Allowed is showing at 1,041 theaters, a drop of 11 from its opening April 18. Box Office Mojo and The-Numbers.com both report the anti-evolution movie has slipped from the top 10 recent releases in gross receipts, and have it showing at fewer theaters. Total gross receipts to date is above $5 million, which is not too bad considering what a dog of a movie it is. Friday’s totals mean the movie is bringing in only $485 per theater is gross receipts. Saturday’s figures might show a spike up from Friday, but I predict the overall trend for this flick can only decline. As receipts fall, so will the number of theaters carrying it. I figure the DVD release can only be a couple of weeks away.

Imagine no Expelled: The Yoko Ono v. Premise Media lawsuit

Lennon v Premise Media Corp COMPLAINT – Upload a doc Read this doc on Scribd: Lennon v Premise Media Corp COMPLAINT

Text version of Yoko’s lawsuit against Expelled‘s producers

For the benefit of all interested parties, I have posted a text version of the complaint John Lennon’s heirs filed against Premise Media, et al., in US District Court in Manhattan earlier this week. A PDF version is available from www.scribd.com, or you can view it here. Law expert Timothy Sandefur has some thoughts about whether Yoko has a case. She might, and Premise Media, et alia, should be worried.

‘Imagine’ is neo-Darwinist theme song, says Expelled producer

John Lennon’s 1971 song, “Imagine,” is the theme song of neo-Darwinists, according to Walt Ruloff, CEO of Premise Media, and was thus used appropriately in his company’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. In an interview with the conservative news site, World Net Daily, Ruloff insisted the use of the song fit the theme of the movie. “If you really listen to the lyrics of ‘Imagine’ then you realize that it represents everything that the Neo-Darwinists want. ‘Imagine there’s no Heaven … No hell below us … Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too…’ That’s exactly what the Darwinist establishment wants to do: get rid of religion,” said Walt Ruloff, CEO of Premise Media. “And that’s what we point out when we play less than 15 seconds of the song and show some of the lyrics on screen.” Rrrright … John Lennon channeled Charles Darwin, who wrote a biological theory proposing that we do away with religion. I don’t understand how I missed that connection before. Expelled alleges that a “neo-Darwinist” conspiracy seeks to quash any debate about the theory of evolution and that evolution — Darwinism — is directly responsible for racism, the Holocaust, abortion and euthanasia. ...

Expelled gross passes $5M, but falls from top 10

Updated 4/30/08 to include weekend tallies. From Box Office Mojo: Weekend receipts for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed doubled weekday per-day sales, but in general receipts are less than half what they were for the opening weekend. Looks like Expelled has lost its momentum. Total gross receipts are now about $5,455,000, and the movie has fallen to 12th in gross receipts. Friday, 4/18 $1,208,748 Saturday, 4/19 $996,244 Sunday, 4/20 $765,856 Monday. 4/21 $238,804 Tuesday, 4/22 $227,232 Wednesday, 4/23 $234,596 Thursday, 4/24 $231,440 Friday, 4/25 $452,000-estimated Saturday, 4/26 $529,000-estimated Sunday, 4/27 $414,000-estimated Monday, 4/28 $157,191 Tuesday, 4/29 $162,396
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