Guest blogger Will Tang: The benefits of Chinese kungfu 2

Guest blogger Will Tang: The benefits of Chinese kungfu
studentChinese kungfu has a very long history. During the last 5,000 years of China’s history, there have been many people who are good at Chinese kungfu, such as 张三丰 (Zhang Sanfeng),李小龙 (Li XiaoLong – Bruce Lee), 李连杰 (Li LianJie – Jet Li), 成龙 (Cheng Long – Jackie Chan),甄子丹 (Yen ZiDan – Donnie Yen), to name a few. When I was a child, I watched Bruce’s movies and every day wondered, “When will it be my turn to do that?” My Dad told me with a laugh, “Do you know how many Bruce Lees there are in the world? One! Only one!” I know that he wished that I live a peaceful life – grow up smoothly, find a good job, get married and bring up children. However, I have my dream to become the dragon (龙 means dragon in Chinese) like Bruce Lee who was great at kungfu. As the old saying goes, “The one who knows a son the best is his father.” “Hey, son! Why do you insist on learning kungfu?” my dad asked me once. “I want to be a famous kungfu star!” “No, it’s not that! Be sensible, please!” “Um, I want to be a stronger ...

Guest blog: Carla Wu — Such is life

Guest blog: Carla Wu -- Such is life
YUEYANG, HUNAN — My friend, Carla Wu {吴双), wrote this last week in her Qzone. I’ve taken the liberty of translating it (with a lot of help from Google Translate!) and reposting it here. You can see the original here. ———- Such is life. We not only cannot change the past, we cannot predict the future. Up to now, I still cannot believe, but it is already the case, and suddenly it is so. No accidents, no remorse, no discomfort, no resistance. I have it accepted all with calm, and even faint excitement. Photos of my hospitalization have been published before, and just-after-surgery photos have also, but here are a few pictures from the end of it. This one (left) should be just after recovering from chemotherapy. It had not yet finished off my hair. (Hard to keep one’s hair rooted in one’s head. This feeling is actually not a very good memory, not just one, but another one, and another one — looking at my fallen hair, I found that it was like in a horror film.) On this day, the sun was very good, I feel okay and on my own went down the corridor. Who could know? ...
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