Guest blogger Will Tang: The benefits of Chinese kungfu 2

Guest blogger Will Tang: The benefits of Chinese kungfu
studentChinese kungfu has a very long history. During the last 5,000 years of China’s history, there have been many people who are good at Chinese kungfu, such as 张三丰 (Zhang Sanfeng),李小龙 (Li XiaoLong – Bruce Lee), 李连杰 (Li LianJie – Jet Li), 成龙 (Cheng Long – Jackie Chan),甄子丹 (Yen ZiDan – Donnie Yen), to name a few. When I was a child, I watched Bruce’s movies and every day wondered, “When will it be my turn to do that?” My Dad told me with a laugh, “Do you know how many Bruce Lees there are in the world? One! Only one!” I know that he wished that I live a peaceful life – grow up smoothly, find a good job, get married and bring up children. However, I have my dream to become the dragon (龙 means dragon in Chinese) like Bruce Lee who was great at kungfu. As the old saying goes, “The one who knows a son the best is his father.” “Hey, son! Why do you insist on learning kungfu?” my dad asked me once. “I want to be a famous kungfu star!” “No, it’s not that! Be sensible, please!” “Um, I want to be a stronger ...
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