Teacher technology upgrade 4

Teacher technology upgrade
JiSHOU, HUNAN — Last week our classrooms all became multimedia rooms. Four years of waiting, and it finally came to pass. Here’s what the master console looks like: Operation is easy. Everything starts up as soon as I unlock the console desk: screen comes down, projector lights up, Lenovo ThinkCentre boots up. Internet is not yet working, but I don’t need it immediately anyway. They came just in time for my lectures on Western music in two weeks — part of the Western Culture course I have this term. You can see a slide in the pic from my lecture on literature this week. This is second time I’ve taught the course, using the same all-English, Chinese-made textbook as before. This time around, I set aside the book’s chronological presentation and organized my own topical syllabus. It creates more work for me, but I hope the subject becomes somewhat more approachable. Here’s the plan. See what you think. Quick review of Western civilization: Mesopotamia to the Modern Era Political systems Religion Midterm exam Science and Technology Literature Art and Music Economic systems Final exam The course is only for one term, so we have to move quickly. Too quickly, I ...
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