Google+ offers end run around (over?) Great Firewall of China

JISHOU, HUNAN — Maybe my problems with Picasaweb are over for now. While the Great Firewall of China seems to screw up uploads to my Picasaweb albums, it doesn’t seem to prevent uploads using Google+ Photos. It’s still snail slow, but at least I can get it done. Then again, my access to Google+ seems to come and go, so I probably just shot myself in the foot publishing this tidbit of news.

I can get to Picasaweb again! 2

JISHOU, HUNAN — So, I am back from a three-week stay in Louisville, and still trying to adjust my internal clock to local time. (I woke up at 4 am today. Jeez.) During my absence from China, the net nannies here apparently decided to remove the block on Picasaweb. So, I can once again edit and upload my photos there. Check out the new photos. Nothing truly exciting, but interesting, I hope. Before Christmas, I visited two local schools, one in the countryside and one in Jishou. I have some thoughts about my trip back to the States, and about teaching here. I hope to get those written down soon, before classes resume on the 25th.

Part of my ever-expanding Web empire 2

JISHOU, HUNAN — Since the Great Firewall of China has inexplicably blocked Picasaweb, where I host most of my photos from China, I have signed up with Flickr. So far, Flickr is not blocked {cross fingers}, so my Chinese friends can see my photos. I paid for additional storage on Picasaweb, so I can upload most of photos there for posterity, but I am not yet going to shell out $25 to get extra space on Flickr. I’m hoping China’s net nannies will relent, and let Chinese netizens access Picasaweb again. Flickr allows 100 MB a month for free, so I have uploaded my pix from the July 22 solar eclipse. I’ve included a sample here to pique your curiosity.

Further proof Google plans world domination …

JISHOU, HUNAN — I have a lot of photos: old photos, new photos, photos I want to share, photos I want to preserve. So, I took advantage of my Google account and starting using Picasaweb soon after I arrived in China. Part of my grand plan was to show my family and friends my life here, so they can feel more a part of it. Picasaweb was the easiest way to do it. Facebook, my favorite social networking site, has painfully slow uploads sometimes, making it a photo-sharing option for masochists. Qzone, since I am in China, is lightning fast, but its menus are in Chinese, which frustrates my peeps in the USA. So, I downloaded the desktop Picasa application (which has a quirky interface), and started organizing and uploading my photos to One nice feature (which Flickr also provides) is to tag the location of the photos or albums, so visitors have an immediate idea where I was at the time. Last night, I discovered a new Picasaweb feature, that’s as helpful as it is eerie: automated people tagging. Facebook users know you can tag people in photos, but if you have a lot of photos, the process ...
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