Facebook comments fix on the fritz 4

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — I bragged awhile ago that I finally had a plugin that would automatically post Facebook comments to my cross-posted entries here on the blog. Thanks to the wizards at Facebook (may they forever rotate in a rotisserie), the plugin stopped working about two weeks ago. The developer is working on a fix to the plugin, but knowing FB’s habitual tweaking of, well, everything, the code will need to be revised — again — in the near future. Grumble, grumble.

Facebook Comments problem solved! 6

JISHOU, HUNAN — A while ago, I linked this blog to my Facebook account. My posts here are automatically imported into my FB Notes. Once upon a time, I had another plugin that extracted comments to the imported Notes from FB back here. But it stopped working, and its developer gave up working on it. But another developer stepped in to restore the functionality. Facebook Comments TNG works! I installed it just now, and it pulled comments from FB perfectly. Now, I may have to go through them and edit out duplicates, but that’s a minor irritation compared to having to manually copy-and-paste FB comments myself.
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