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While its lawyers haggle in court about copyright issues, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed continues its inevitable decline into theatrical obscurity. The anti-evolution “blockbuster” pulled in gross box office receipts this weekend of only $102,690, and the number of theaters carrying the flick is now down to 210. The movie opened April 18 with a great deal of hullabaloo in 1,052 theaters and pulled in an impressive (for a schlockumentary) box office receipts of $2.97 million. Its receipts and theater count have dropped precipitously since then, despite the predictions of its creators that it would be a box-office smash. Instead it will probably fade into DVD obscurity, once certain legal problems are resolved. Currently, the makers of the film are under a court order not to distribute the flick any further while a copyright infringement suit is settled. Premise Media, the creator of the movie, licensed several songs, but failed to obtain permission from the copyright holders of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” A short section of the song is used as a foil to suggest that “Darwinism” inevitably leads to atheism. Lennon’s family and publisher filed suit against Premise Media and its associates April 24 alleging copyright and trademark infringement, asking for ...

Expelled receipts, theater count continue decline

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed continued to lose box-office share over the weekend, pulling in gross receipts that were half what it pulled in the weekend before. Meanwhile, more than 200 theaters dropped the anti-evolution flick from the line-ups. Box Office Mojo estimates the movie had weekend gross box receipts of $302,000 for the 402 theaters still screening it. Expelled opened April 18 in 1,052 locations and pulled in almost $3 million its first weekend. Since then, weekend receipts have dropped by about half each week. Total gross receipts are now estimated to be $7.2 million.

Expelled‘s statistics sink further

The anti-evolution movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowedis now showing in only 656 theaters, down from the 1,041 it had the previous weekend. Monday’s gross receipts dropped below 100K, to $67,000. The flick has a total of $6.7 million in gross box office receipts, which still puts in the top 20 for recently released movies. Its future in first-run theaters is murky at best, however.

Legal issues are only half Expelled‘s problems

Its other major problem is financial. The anti-evolution film is bleeding red ink. Theaters carrying Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed have dropped from 1,041 to 656, and its recent weekend gross receipts dropped more than half from the weekend before. Ouch. Despite its woes, the Intelligent Design propaganda flick has made more than $6.6 million in its first three weeks in the theaters, not bad considering it’s (1) a documentary competing with Hollywood blockbusters like Iron Man and (2) a dog. The temporary restraining order issued April 30 against the film’s producers and distributors prevents them from (immediately) trying to recoup some losses by issuing the movie on DVD or by showing it at second-run theaters.

Expelled still hanging in there

Total gross receipts for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed are inching toward $6 million after nearly two weeks in the theaters, but this weekend’s take will probably be less than last weekend’s. From Box Office Mojo, here’s the daily totals up to Thursday: Friday, 4/18 $1,208,748 Saturday, 4/19 $996,244 Sunday, 4/20 $765,856 Monday. 4/21 $238,804 Tuesday, 4/22 $227,232 Wednesday, 4/23 $234,596 Thursday, 4/24 $231,440 Friday, 4/25 $452,000-estimated Saturday, 4/26 $529,000-estimated Sunday, 4/27 $414,000-estimated Monday, 4/28 $157,191 Tuesday, 4/29 $162,396 Wednesday, 4/30 $159,273 Thursday, 5/1 $158,232 The anti-evolution flick is back in the top 10 movies in gross receipts. There’s no accounting for taste …

Expelled gross passes $5M, but falls from top 10

Updated 4/30/08 to include weekend tallies. From Box Office Mojo: Weekend receipts for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed doubled weekday per-day sales, but in general receipts are less than half what they were for the opening weekend. Looks like Expelled has lost its momentum. Total gross receipts are now about $5,455,000, and the movie has fallen to 12th in gross receipts. Friday, 4/18 $1,208,748 Saturday, 4/19 $996,244 Sunday, 4/20 $765,856 Monday. 4/21 $238,804 Tuesday, 4/22 $227,232 Wednesday, 4/23 $234,596 Thursday, 4/24 $231,440 Friday, 4/25 $452,000-estimated Saturday, 4/26 $529,000-estimated Sunday, 4/27 $414,000-estimated Monday, 4/28 $157,191 Tuesday, 4/29 $162,396

Expelled‘s receipts decline further

Granted, Mondays are slow days for movie theaters, but Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed grossed only $238,804 at 1,052 theaters, a third of what it grossed on Sunday. [Updated 4/23/08: Tuesday’s sales were $227,232 for a total to date of $3,436,884, according to Box Office Mojo.] After five days in the theaters, the anti-evolution movie has grossed $3.4 million, far from the amount its producers need to break even. Nevertheless, it’s still ranked eighth in gross receipts for all April 18 releases and eighth in receipts for “political documentaries.’ In other words, for the kind of movie it is, Expelled is doing about as well as most observers would expect. Whether it will have “legs” past its first week remains in doubt. Its release followed weeks of carefully orchestrated “private screenings” to sympathetic audiences, a national TV ad campaign, and attention from critics of the movie and its premise — that “Darwinists” persecute anyone who suggests evolution is invalid and that an Intelligent Designer (or God) created life on Earth. The movie’s marketers have encouraged churches, youth groups and Christian schools to organize field trips to see Expelled in the theaters, offering them prizes for the most tickets purchased. Those efforts ...
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