Temporary outage and minor tweaking

JISHOU, HUNAN — While I was busy doing teacher stuff, my hosting service moved my site and others to a new, super-duper-fast server. They sent an email informing users of the upcoming switch, including the requirement that we update our domains’ DNS entries. As helpful as this email was, I only quickly scanned it, and completely missed the DNS update notice. So, for several days, this site was in Never-neverland until I finally had time to check in on it. Anyway, it’s back up, and I took some time to tweak a few things and update plugins. Instead of separate plugins to add Twitter, Facebook and Google+ share buttons, there is now a Sharethis bar at the end of each post, which should speed up page loading. (Especially for me, as connections to Twitter and FB are blocked in China.) Speaking of which, can anyone tell me why WordPress constantly has to connect to iheartwp.com whenever I do any administrative work? The connection to iheartwp.com takes at least 30 seconds from here each time I load a page. I googled this question, and the only halfway useful hit was a query on a WP forum that was so helpfully closed ...

Facebook Comments problem solved! 6

JISHOU, HUNAN — A while ago, I linked this blog to my Facebook account. My posts here are automatically imported into my FB Notes. Once upon a time, I had another plugin that extracted comments to the imported Notes from FB back here. But it stopped working, and its developer gave up working on it. But another developer stepped in to restore the functionality. Facebook Comments TNG works! I installed it just now, and it pulled comments from FB perfectly. Now, I may have to go through them and edit out duplicates, but that’s a minor irritation compared to having to manually copy-and-paste FB comments myself.
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