Expelled receipts, theater count continue decline

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed continued to lose box-office share over the weekend, pulling in gross receipts that were half what it pulled in the weekend before. Meanwhile, more than 200 theaters dropped the anti-evolution flick from the line-ups. Box Office Mojo estimates the movie had weekend gross box receipts of $302,000 for the 402 theaters still screening it. Expelled opened April 18 in 1,052 locations and pulled in almost $3 million its first weekend. Since then, weekend receipts have dropped by about half each week. Total gross receipts are now estimated to be $7.2 million.

Eleven theaters drop Expelled

Two sites now report Expelled:No Intelligence Allowed is showing at 1,041 theaters, a drop of 11 from its opening April 18. Box Office Mojo and The-Numbers.com both report the anti-evolution movie has slipped from the top 10 recent releases in gross receipts, and have it showing at fewer theaters. Total gross receipts to date is above $5 million, which is not too bad considering what a dog of a movie it is. Friday’s totals mean the movie is bringing in only $485 per theater is gross receipts. Saturday’s figures might show a spike up from Friday, but I predict the overall trend for this flick can only decline. As receipts fall, so will the number of theaters carrying it. I figure the DVD release can only be a couple of weeks away.
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