Beijing police arrest five people in connection with Uniqlo sex video

Note: Google AdSense required me to remove the image that accompanied this post. UPDATE: I missed the CNN International report from Hong Kong yesterday. I’ve added details from that below. China’s censors are not amused at all by the video of a young couple having sex in a Uniqlo fitting room. Beijing police have arrested five people in connection with the video, which went viral on Chinese social media last week. The five include the couple and three others, all but one unnamed by officials. Police have identified the bespectacled man in the video a 19-year-old university student, surnamed Sun. This report (in Chinese), identifies the couple as two students at Beijing Art University, complete with their Sina Weibo handles, but not their real names. The couple apparently made the video in April at a Beijing Uniqlo store, and shared it with their friends. One of the friends then shared it on Tencent’s WeChat, and it quickly went viral before censors pulled it off. Police are also looking for the person who uploaded the video, and state authorities are admonishing officials of China’s two social media giants, Tencent and Sina, for allowing the video online, as well as investigating whether ...

The Sarah Palin video that YouTube pulled off its site

JISHOU, HUNAN — Bruce Wilson, at Talk to Action, has been researching the connection of Gov. Sarah Palin’s churches to an extreme Christian dominionist movement called the “Third Wave.” His team posted part of their documentary on YouTube, which killed the video just as it was creeping into the top 10 most viewed clips on the site. The video, first of three parts, is now being hosted elsewhere. Christian dominionism is a polite way of saying, “Christians taking over the US government, and maybe rewriting the Constitution to include ‘Biblical’ principles.” The Third Wave movement is even more extreme in these efforts, so much so that even conservative pentecostal churches are worried. Both the Wasilla Assembly of God Church and the Juneau Christian Center appear to be part of the Third Wave movement. Wilson has many more details at Talk to Action’s website. Here’s the video, to pique your curiosity. Palin’s Churches, Thomas Muthee, Witchcraft and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.
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