Voters in Queens: hand this putz Turner his walkin’ papers

[UPDATE: Well, nevermind. The putz won the election with 53% of the vote. Hope you like what you got, Brooklyn and Queens.] This is an actual campaign flier sent out by the New York Republicans on behalf of NY-9 candidate Bob Turner. I can’t think of a more crass exploitation of the 10th anniversary of the Twin Towers attack than this. Turner is running against Democrat David Weprin in a special election to fill the seat of Rep. Andrew Weiner (D-NY-9), who resigned his seat after a sexting scandal. It’s supposed to be a tight race. I hope this flier backfires on Turner big time. Aside from the obvious bigotry, it lies like a dog. The Park 51 project is not at the site of World Trade Center (the so-called Ground Zero), is not a mosque, and doesn’t look anything like the gold-domed edifice in the flier. The project additionally does not violate any laws, local or national, and has even been approved by the local community zoning board. Turner is a putz. Look it up at if you don’t know what it means.

NYC mosque project expected to clear final hurdle

[UPDATE: THE LANDMARKS COMMISSION DID INDEED DENY LANDMARK STATUS TO 45 PARK PLACE. THE NEWS HAD IT RIGHT.] Like I said already, New Yorkers are not stupid bigots. According to the New York Daily News, the City Landmarks Commission will not block the razing of an old building to construct a Muslim-financed community center two blocks from the World Trade Center site. Fire-breathing opponents to the project, led by dragonmasters Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, were banking on the Landmarks commissioners to put the kabosh on Park 51 Project, a community center that would include (oh, noez!) a mosque. Geller, Spencer and other Muslim haters were pressuring the commissioners to protect the historic value of the existing 152-year building at 45 Park Place in Lower Manhattan. But it has none. It’s nothing special. From the News: The Italianate building on Park Place, two blocks north of Ground Zero, simply does not meet architectural criteria for protection from the city, sources with knowledge of the issue said.   “The building is not worthy,” a source said. “It does not rise to the level of an individual landmark.” The new building will probably be a better looking landmark than the heap that’s ...
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