Only once has it happened to me

    I’m one of those early adopters of Gmail — no digits after my name. Last week, I got a polite email from a property maintenance company regarding some apartment units in Florida that they believed I owned. They were sending me an estimate of repairs needed by some of the units. Needless to say, I don’t any property in Florida, and the sender apologized for the confusion when I pointed out the error. But, now I know how much it costs to fix up apartment units in Florida.

Housekeeping is a relativistic quantity

Another clever xkcd comic – describing the Saturn V in simple English

Take the ten hundred words we use most often to talk about the “Up-Goer 5*, the only flying space car that has taken anyone to another world.” Then you will see how your sentences can be short if you know more words. The picture is really big, so I will not put it here. You need to put the pointing thing over this word and hit the hand control thing on the left one time to see it. Do the point-and-hand-control thing here to see the ten hundred words we use most often. —— * That’s the Saturn V, the launch vehicle for the Apollo missions to the Moon.

Holst’s ‘The Planets’ would be a whole lot longer today

xkcd has an eye-opening graphic this week showing how many planets have been discovered. If you click on the image, it will open a full-size version of the cartoon. It was not so long ago that exoplanets (planets outside our own solar system) were hypothetical. That is, astronomers assumed other star systems could include planets, but there was no observational evidence. Technology has progressed to the point now that finding extrasolar planets is a walk in the park. Finding Earth-sized planets is more of a challenge, but at least we know they likely exist. Getting there, however … not so easy.

My book said, “On error -47, go to China”

Typography 101 2

Reminds me of all those layout sessions from my student-newspapering days. Was it Larry Dupraz who taught me about kerning? Hmmmm.

Complementarity and ‘America the Beautiful’

It’s a physics joke. If you don’t get it, look up wave-particle duality and the Uncertainty Principle, which only exists as a Wikipedia entry when you are looking at it. Quiz on Monday.

Anthropomorphic names are OK; consciousness, not so much

It’s an Educational Psychology joke (if such things really exist).

Oh, snap! 1

The mouseover text says: “And they both react poorly to showers.”

The next Congressional sex scandal?

After all, why just send boring cellphone pix?

As t –> ∞, teaching physics –> teaching math

But only as a first approximation …

Gotta keep up with the lingo, man

In case you can’t see the mouseover text, it says, “2017 called, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying over all the screams.” Another classic from
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