The China Chronicles, Introduction

Now that I’m midway through my seventh year teaching in China, it’s about time for a retrospective look at my experiences here. I’m going to begin by republishing my China posts for each year as pages, beginning with 2008. This is a work in progress, and in time may lead to a honest-to-good book, or an e-book.

For now, I’m just going to reprint the previous years’ blogs with minimal editing and commentary. Then, once I have the raw material at hand, I can polish it into a more seamless entity. Or so I hope.

As I reviewed the 2008 entries, I wished I could reach back in time and tell my younger self how to do things better. I fumbled around a lot back then.

I have collated all the China-related posts for the years 2008 to 2014, and have organized them chronologically. Each year constitutes a chapter, and you can find them in the righthand sidebar of the blog, and also below. I’ll add navigation links soon to each chapter.

I have added updates to posts that required them. I’m not done with that yet, though — still working on adding images lost when we had a server crash year before last.

Meanwhile, I’ve pulled all the chapters into a Word document for editing and polishing, to create a book!
Taken as a whole, the whole project is more than 220,000 words long! Since I’m not sure anyone will wade through such a tome, some paring of my verbiage is probably in order.

Chapter 1 (2008)
Chapter 2 (2009)
Chapter 3 (2010)
Chapter 4 (2011)
Chapter 5 (2012)
Chapter 6 (2013)
Chapter 7 (2014)

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